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Anti-alias or no anti-alias?
User: Thosworth
Date: 9/3/2016 8:16 am
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I'm making a card game, but can't find the answer to this anywhere:

I normally supply print work as PDFs, but when exporting artwork to a PNG do you get better printing results by turning off anti-aliasing?

Quick explanation: Anti-aliasing is when the computer renders mid-coloured pixels around objects to create a smoother image. This works really well on screen, as it prevents 'stepped' diagonal edges appearing, but I get the impression it would make a printed image have softer edges. For example on vertical and horizontal shapes and lines, which need to be sharp, or around a solid black shape, which will then have a grey line around it.

So is it better to turn this off when exporting for print?

Example here - anti-aliasing on the right - note how the edges of the grey box are sharper on the left. (Although the hard pixels look bad on screen, when printed the ink would spread and stop the jaggies from showing):

Re: Anti-alias or no anti-alias?
User: Thosworth
Date: 9/13/2016 3:54 am
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Replying to myself, in case someone else happens to find this useful.

I emailed Game Crafter and got this response:

"I checked on this with our tech staff, and the word is that using anti-aliasing is always the better option."