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Cut lines consistently off by a tiny amount after upload.
User: TrevHolland
Date: 6/23/2017 6:06 pm
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Sorry if this is the incorrect forum but I'm having a strange issue with custom punchout cut lines.

Just as a test, I set up a single large punchout sheet with 20 squares (size matters otherwise I'd just use the default square cards). Anyway, in both Inkscape and Illustrator, my cut lines are exactly around each square. However, when I upload the files to the website, the proof shows the squares consistently off-center from where I had them. Instead of each cut line being perfectly around each square, it's a little up and to the left.

I thought this might just be a bug with the website's proof feature so I decided to go ahead and order a print of this one punchout to see if it would cut them off-center as well. Sure enough, it did. And it's exactly where the cut lines are in my proof.

So, good news is, they cut EXACTLY where they say they will. Bad news is, they don't cut exactly where I say they should.

Is there some setting (in either Inkscape or Illustrator, I have access to both) that I should be doing?

I suspect this is some artifact of the front/back images being 300dpi and the SVG being 72/90dpi, but I have no idea how to correctly compensate for this.