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User: PaperboySMD
Date: 5/5/2017 10:09 am
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Hey everyone,

Was hoping you can help with some thoughts on my project.  Im in the begining stages of the marketing campaign before going to kickstarter and as of now i only have the FB page created. 

Was hoping some of you can take a look and let me know how the page looks, how the photos look and maybe give me some thoughts on card design. 

What i have no is pretty basic, but at this point its only a demo copy.

I do have some fun ideas on how to run the FB page as far as updates that will keep it interesting and fun to read and check in on so while you are there you can like and follow as well :-)

Thanks Everyone!

Re: Design/Marketing Feedback
User: tavis
Date: 9/14/2017 4:47 pm
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Greetings PaperboySMD,

I noticed you haven't gotten any replies here and I wanted to direct you to our community chat where there is almost always great conversation going on. Make sure you are logged into your user account and then click on the "general chat" button in the bottom right corner of our site. (or you can visit to access it directly) But you'll be able to connect to hundreds of other designers in the community and they'll be happy to answer questions, give you feedback, etc... We've got a great community at TGC, but there's been a large movement from the forums to the chat channel because people like realtime communication better. :)

Hope that helps! Have a great day.Smile