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Designer Required
User: gamer1994023
Date: 9/9/2016 1:24 pm
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Hi everyone

I am in need of a designer for a game that I have been putting together. I need the back of the cards designing, and the layout and content of the froany too. 

I already have hand written tested versions of cards so I'm ready to provide all the information and rough layout that needs to be on each card - but just need someone to actualy produce the designs professionally. 

I have 42 different cards that I need designing. 

Please let me know email addresses/contact details if you'd be interested and I can provide further information. Please include samples of previous work I can look at and rates you charge.

thanks :)

Re: Designer Required
User: Daeris
Date: 9/12/2016 4:38 am
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I'd like to offer my skills as illustrator. I'm already working on one card game and it you can check it here:

And my all-work portfolio here:

If you like it, please contact me: for further arrangements.

If not, best wishes with your project :)

Best regards

Re: Designer Required
User: Hildegunst Fbaranow
Date: 9/13/2016 10:42 am
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I'll just add that Daeris is responsible for the whole visual side of Interregnum: card layout, illustrations, additional art etc. 

The game itself will be available via the Game Crafter later this year so you can check it out here:

Best of luck with your game.

Re: Designer Required
User: Stray Flux Games
Date: 10/24/2016 11:11 am
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I HAVE YEARS OF EXP. WITH GAME CARD DESIGN. I have worked with INWAP Games to take the game "Zombie Fried" to a national level. and won awards with my graphics for an apple app called Pokerdash. i would be happy to help you with your project. the payment can be negotionated once you see my work. I love helping up and coming games get the best shot they can get. let me know if you have questions or you wish to ask me for help. 

Have a Great Day.