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Illustrator or Graphic Designer (which one should I hire?)
User: Fizzy Goth
Date: 12/3/2017 1:56 pm
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Hi Everyone,

Now that I'm putting the finishing touches on my new, adult party game (which is similar in game play and humor to Cards Against Humanity), it's time for me to find a graphic designer or illustrator to help create the artwork... which I don't think should be very difficult considering that all I think I really need is 1) a design/illustration for the box, and 2) a simple design for the backs of the cards (the fronts of all the cards will consist of just text).

Okay, and maybe some artwork for the rule book.

Given the relative straight-forwardness of what I'm looking for, I'm wondering if I really need to hire a graphic designer, or if I can "get away with" just hiring an illustrator?

It probably goes without saying that I'm new to all this and would greatly appreciate any suggestions or advice that anyone in the TGC community would care to share.

This includes any information or tips on finding and/or hiring an illustrator or graphic designer, what to look out for, any relevant differences between the two (I have a general understanding of how they differ), etc.

Thanks all!