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retheme Lost Cities, the card game
User: nickh90
Date: 10/2/2016 9:47 am
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Hi guys!

My name is Nick and i'm from the Netherlands. I found this website using google and by reading some other forum messages!

I basically love the idea to create some of your own ideas. I would like to start of (as a little 'test') by retheming a game. I was thinking about retheming one of the next games: Lost cities, Splendor or Love Letters. Love letters is a bit lame to retheme (only 9 different characters), Splendor is a bit to much to retheme so i was thinking about just starting of with Lost Cities.

I personally love the Tarot sized cards, i think the Poker cards are way to small. These cards fit a the box that were specifically designed for these kind of cards. However; the play board/mat (on which you lay play or dismiss cards) is a lot bigger. I would also like to retype/retheme the rules book.

So my question is: What box do i use for this? A 'big' box is a bit to much, but the normal tarot size box isn't fit for the big playmat and the rules book.

Hoping to get some feedback and thanks in Advance.

Bonus Question: I was thinking about just using some stock photo's for the cards and don't use a border. Just some text on it. What's your opinion in this matter? I figured this would be the best way because i'm not a professional designer myself. I included a rough example in the attachement section. Obviously the cut line will make the card not square but with round edges. 


Re: retheme Lost Cities, the card game
User: tarotbear
Date: 10/2/2016 11:25 am
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You need to find a box that will hold the playmat first. The tuck box for either poker or Tarot cards is only going to hold cards of those sizes and maybe the rule book, but that is also limited by the number of cards in the box/game. Think about using a game box if you cannot live without a playmat.

Looking at your image (I'm no expert, BTW ) - the templates show you both the bleed and cut lines; if you are happy with the image once you see how much is going to be lost in the trimming process - then run with it! BTW - your borders (if you have to include them) do not 'have' to be stark white - which I find glaring - you can add color to the border, as I did in my 'Expanded Major Arcana of the Everyman Tarot' deck - I chose the same color for the borders and the card box.

Re: retheme Lost Cities, the card game
User: nickh90
Date: 10/2/2016 12:19 pm
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Hi and first of all thanks for your reply! Appreciated :)

On my cards i don't use borders because i think it's looks better (just my personal opinion). It's also easier with the cutting lines because i can just let the images overlap the cutline borders right? Everything that is to much will be cut away. I'm ok as long as the text/important stuff is within the borders, right?

Re: retheme Lost Cities, the card game
User: tarotbear
Date: 10/3/2016 11:23 am
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As long as what is important is within the inner border - all should be fine. You can always buy a copy as a prototype without publishing the game to check and see if anything needs a tweak. {One of the mods may have to explain that process, if you want to order only a component of your game and not the entire game.} Cool