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what color for gold font?
User: RedTentCards
Date: 10/20/2016 6:15 pm
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Hello community! 

I would like the font on my card deck to be gold 

What color code do you suggest? 

Thanks ! 


Re: what color for gold font?
User: tarotbear
Date: 10/21/2016 9:27 am
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Gold - as in 'metallic'? Or gold yellow?

Once upon a time TGC had a color card - not sure if they still do.

Re: what color for gold font?
User: WalterBoyd
Date: 8/11/2017 2:11 am
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I recommend some Gold color codes:

gold #FFD700 rgb(255,215,0)

goldenrod #DAA520 rgb(218,165,32)

Golden yellow #FFDF00 rgb(255,223,0)

Metallic gold #D4AF37 rgb(212,175,55)
Old gold #CFB53B rgb(207,181,59)
Vegas gold #C5B358 rgb(197,179,88)
Pale gold #E6BE8A rgb(230,190,138)
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