Card Backs not proofed
User: mtiller
Date: 7/9/2014 9:48 pm
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I've created a bunch of decks programmatically.  If I try to buy the game, I get an error that the deck backs have not been proofed.  But for every single deck, the back is unique to the card.  All the cards are properly configued this way (with a front and back image) and each side has been proofed (indicated with the blue button for every single card).

So there is no "back" image for the deck.  The API indicates this is optional.  But it seems like the verification process doesn't like this and insists that there is a back image and that it has been proofed.

Is the solution to add a dummy back image and then proof it?  I want to confirm that this won't override the card setting (i.e. the unique back image for each card).


Re: Card Backs not proofed
User: mtiller
Date: 7/10/2014 6:52 am
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To answer my own question...

It was late last night and I just ran out of time to investigate this further then.  But this morning I picked it back up and I discovered that, yes, if you provide a back image for the deck and mark it as proofed, then the validation process succeeds.  This still makes me a little nervous because it isn't explicitly clear which setting taked precedence, the deck level setting for the image or the card level setting.  But I'm going to assume the card level settings since that is really the only logical choice.

Re: Card Backs not proofed
User: zovu
Date: 7/10/2014 3:05 pm
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The card level setting will take precedence. The deck back image will not be used anywhere during printing, but it will show up on hover of your game components on your shop page.

Re: Card Backs not proofed
User: Heather
Date: 7/10/2014 2:28 pm
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Yes, you'll always need to add an image for the deck back and proof it, even if you're using unique images for each card back.  This image won't be used for anything, but our system still requires that one be uploaded and proofed.