Clarification for MSRP above $99
User: Rominion
Date: 6/17/2015 0:37 am
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I am wanting to send myself a draft print of my game (see image attached) but am having trouble understanding the pricing and changing it.

1. I programmatically generated a game, and it is created with MSRP set to $156.99. If I try to manually change it using the web site text field, the field changes the value to $56.99 and I can't change it back to a value over $99.

I tried to use the api to set it programmatically with a PUT, and got the error: "MSRP must be between 0 and 99." which is consistent with the update docs, but seems inconsistent with the game creation logic.

In future if I publish a game that is over $99, is there a way to change the MSRP after the game is created?

2. The sum of the "Cost", "TGC" and "Profit" field in my game are exactly $156 yet the MSRP field is $156.99. I noticed in the docs it says that 99 cents is always tacked on the end, but what happens to that extra 99 cents when a sale is made?

Can you clarify if this field has any impact on the cost or if it's just a guide? When I order a copy of my game, will I be charged using the "MSRP" or the "Cost"?

3. What is also unclear is the "TGC" and "profit" fields. I have set the desired markup for my internal test at $0 yet there is $0.19 in the "TGC" field and $0.46 in the "Profit" field. How can there be profit if there's no markup?



Re: Clarification for MSRP above $99
Heather (Customer Support)
User: Heather (Customer Support)
Date: 6/17/2015 9:48 am
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At this time, you are not able to offer a game at a retail price of more than $99.99.  I'd recommend that you break your game down into a base game and expansions, rather than selling it as one game.