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Any interest in hex and counter wargames?
User: Luke Patterson
Date: 3/6/2017 7:46 am
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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the community here. 

I found this site as I've always wanted to make my own game and I must say the tools here seem really powerful. I've just finished making my first game and I'm looking forward to it to playtest it and get a good idea on how the components look and feel. 

The game I've made is a hex and counter wargame, set on a strategic level map of Europe, and the theme is a hypothetical world war 3 between NATO and Russia. 

I've tried looking for other weargames on this site but can't seem to find any, but this may be my own incompetence! 

My questions are;

1) Are there any wargames (particularly hex and counter, but I'm interested in others too) on this site? If so please point me in their direction!

2) Is there much interest/demand for wargames here/any avid wargamers in the community? 

My sole aim for making my game was purely for myself and my family and friends anyway; I'm not looking to start a business. But it would be good to know what interest, if any, there would be in such a game. 

Many thanks for your time,