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Best option for keeping track of life/mana
User: thatswizards
Date: 2/21/2017 2:00 pm
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I am developing a game where each player has 20 life points and 10 (or sometimes 15) energy points.  My first prototype I used the medium circle chits with one side being colored (red for life, blue for energy) and the other side being black.  Both sides have an appropriate icon on them as well.  The players would place them on a table and flip tokens over to the black side as needed to show that they were gone, and flip them back over if they regained that resource.  

I am currently looking for other options to keep track of life/energy.  One reason is that printing a large number of tokens becomes expensive production wise and I want my game's total price to go down.  The other reason is that it is not always easy to look at big pile of messy tokens and know the other player's totals.

I was considering creating some kind of "board" that would have sliders.  Or perhaps put colored transparent gems on a board of numbers.  The slider idea doesn't seem to work at TGC because the sliders are meant for cardstock, not chipboards.  The colored gems are kind of big and would mean a very crowded board (trying to fit it all into a medium pro box)

Any thoughts?