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Blackhilt Games: Awnslawt
User: SirWhite
Date: 7/2/2017 3:27 pm
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Hello everyone,

I've been working on this game for a few years now and am seeking feedback from a broader range of people.

The game is called Awnslawt.

To summarize the game, each player takes control of a few miniatures to represent their warriors on a hex-grid board.

Warriors have several characteristics that determine their capabilities in the game. In addition, each warrior has unique traits giving them an edge at particular actions in the game. Combat between warriors is determined by rolling 10-sided dice, modified by their characteristics.

Over a series of turns, the players maneuver these warriors to strategically conquer the board, or eliminate their opponent.

A beta for the rules can be found here:

Any criticism is welcome, from the mechanics to even grammatical mistakes I've missed.

I look forward to future comments and thank you for your time taken to read this post and the beta rules.

Re: Blackhilt Games: Awnslawt
User: SirWhite
Date: 7/4/2017 11:08 pm
Views: 230
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The beta rules have been updated (2.8). Thank you for the great feedback so far. A poll for name options will be linked towards the end of the week.

Re: Blackhilt Games: Awnslawt
User: SirWhite
Date: 7/7/2017 9:23 pm
Views: 168
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Here's a link for a poll to name the game!

Bare with me while I get some play-tests in for mechanics before another update. Thank you for your patience and vote!

Re: Blackhilt Games: Awnslawt
User: rebeccadaviz
Date: 10/5/2017 0:33 am
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