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Can a boardgame work in real life?
User: Sweatt
Date: 2/14/2018 4:52 pm
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Some of us have played point and click room escapes before some genius realized, "why don't we build this in the real world?"  The results were a new industry being born.

Mega Games took boardgaming to another level with LARP elements and after playing one I think they are really cool.  
My question is can anyone think of any boardgames that would transition into real life and actually become a better experience?
Example: Wasteland
Here in Florida we have a game once a year called Wasteland(Fallout theme).  It is an Airsoft/LARP hybrid that is played on 50 acres with buildings and forts. Players
use bottlecaps as currency which allows them to trade, hire, gamble in the city, upgrade their weapons, buy drinks, buy health packs etc.   What makes it so amazing is 
the reality of it.  When I make a deal it's not roleplaying, I am actually making a deal based on what I think the value of X caps are.  When I plan on betraying someone
there is real tension because the risk is real.  If I betray someone and they put a bounty on my head it will have lasting repercussions through the entire game for me.
The alliances and enemies I make matter in this living breathing world.
Problem: Airsoft. 
Airsoft is a double-edged sword.  It gives players an immediate conflict resolution option if they cannot negotiate their way through something and it works wonderfully.  
The issue is the nature of airsoft.  It can be a little pricey to get into with $200+ guns plus Goggles, mags, and everything else.  

Then you have the issue of airsoft etiquette which takes some time to learn, knowing when you are hit, not overshooting other players etc.  The barrier to entry for the average person is just too high. 

So can something like Wasteland work without the airsoft?  I have been thinking about this for about 2 years now and with only very little progress I figured I would bounce the idea off someone much smarter than myself. 
Any input would be greatly appreciated:)