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Creating new Euro-style game - When to invest in professional artwork?
User: BennyC
Date: 11/26/2016 7:37 pm
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Hi all,

A friend of mine directed me here, as he often finds new games to play and thought it would be good for my new game.

I have been creating a trading-style game which mixes luck and strategy, mostly to cater for anyone who likes to play with friends who all have their own personal styles. I used to hate when players were left behind because their strategy didn't pay off initially, so they were unable to catch up... this is what my game hopes to achieve.

I've had a few play-throughs and it seems to have a good dynamic, but at the moment I have just used clipart and my rudimentary photoshop skills to create the game board and playing cards. 

At what point do you think I should invest in getting professional art done? I have seen many designers available but I'm not sure when I should invest more than just my time, and how much would be a decent amount to pay (ie. should I accept that it is rare for games to make money back, and pay how much I am willing to lose)?

Anyone with similar experiences, please let me know. As a treat, here are my aforementioned rudimentary photoshop skills for the gameboard.

Re: Creating new Euro-style game - When to invest in professional artwork?
User: Andrew Griffin
Date: 4/1/2017 5:25 pm
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Your art looks pretty good to me, makes me question my initial game art even more - I've done all mine in MS Paint so far and it looks like it was done by a 10 year old.  :-)

I assume that you intend to self-publish - because the other option is to use your art to get a prototype together and then try to get a publisher to pick it up (and tweak the art accordingly).  If you plan to self-publish then I guess the artwork is the last thing that you should get done, as you dont want anything to make it change once you've paid good money for it.

Best of luck, Andrew.