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Crystal Returners: Crystal Wars
User: endmyinitials
Date: 2/13/2017 6:47 pm
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I been working on making my own customer game. I looked at games such as Yugioh, pokemon, digimon, and Magic. I wanted to get some feedback on everything I wrote so far. Below is a discription of the game and rules.

Example pictures:

Title: Crystal Returners: Crystal Wars


- Monsters with 1,000 - 4,000 summon points (SP) are able to be summoned without Crystal Cards. Monsters with 5,000 - 7,000 summon points need their attribute to match a Children Crystal card in hand. In order to summon monsters with 8,000 - 10,000 summon points a True Children Crystal card must be in hand and must match the attribute. If the Monster has more than one Attribute; both crystals must be in hand. Some monsters do not need to have their attribute matched, but still need the required Crystal. Any cards with 0 summon points must be summon with the Hellsgate, Heavensgate, Anima Kingdom, The Grave, Badlands, World of Crystalis, or Wings of Scale Crystal card. Monsters with 11000 – 12000 need special requirements such as an Alter card with the required attribute crystal, and a Summoner.

- When in Attack Position damage is calculated by dividing 2 with the Life Points (LP), and then minus the answer with either the Magic Defense or Defense depending on if the attack was magic base or psychical. The answer is than subtracted by the attack which is than subtracted by the overall LP.

1) LP 2200/2 = 1100

2) LP 1100 – MAG DEF 2800 = 1700

3) MAG DEF 1700 – 2400 Attack = 700 DAMAGE

- When card is in Defense Position the attack is subtracted by the Magic Defense or Defense. The answer is the Damage minus the LP.

- 6 cards can be drawn at a time. If more than 6 are drawn, then you must place one card within the Dream World Zone.

- When a card is used or defeated place it within The Grave.

- If a card is banished from the Dream World Zone, or Grave it will be sent to the World of Emptiness. This card can no longer be recovered unless if you have a specific card.

- The battle is over when all monster cards are defeated, or a special monster is used that ends the game, or a special card is used, or when the CP (Crystal Points) reaches 0.

- When no monsters are on the field damage is taken onto the CP. If a monster dies in Defense position the CP is no affected, but if a monster dies in attack the CP is affected by the leftover damage onto the monster. If the monster had 200 LP remaining and the opposing monster did a damage of 1000, the remaining number of 800 would be subtracted from the overall CR.

- Each player starts with 8000 CR.

- Both Players share the same Dream World and World of Emptiness. However each player has their own Grave. When a card is defeated it is sent to The Grave. If a card within The Grave is removed by a monster or an effect it is sent to the World of Emptiness. Any card within the World of Emptiness cannot be summoned by The Grave Crystal as an undead or revived by the Spells, Magic, or The Reborn Crystal.

-All monsters who wish to fuse or evolve into a stronger monster must enter the Dream World Zone. This option is only available during the Main Phase. However this Zone is shared by both players. If the opposing player has a Spell, Magic, Monster, or any effect that allows the monster to evolve or fuse them; the player can steal the monster, and take control of it with the new form.

- 4 monsters on the field, 1 Leader, 5 traps, magic, or skill card.

- The leader position gains 300 on each Attack and Defense stats. Only humans can be placed within the leader zone.

- Placing a monster on the leader position is optional. However if a monster is placed on the leader position they will be the target for all attacks, magic, spells, skills, and traps if it applies. If a monster is defeated on the leader position the CR loses points based on the left over damage from overkill.

- If the monster is fighting a monster that has its weakness. This monster is given an additional 1000 attack power onto its move and 1000 defense bonus. If a Fire monster is fighting a Wind monster in Defense Position and the Fire Monster has an attack higher than the Wind monster’s Defense even by 1 point its instant death. If the Fire Monster is attacking a Wind monster in Attack Position and the attack power is higher even by 1 point this is also instant death.



Card Types:

-Monsters, Children Crystals (Summon Card), True Children Crystals (Summon Card), Trap, Magic (Magic Attacks or Support), Abilities (Works like Spells or Skills).

- Fiend, Undead, Fire, Water, Dragon, Metal, Human, Spirit, Light, Dark, Plant, Insect, Beast, Spell-caster, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Effect, Crystal, Non-Elemental, Ice (Cards can be more than one type).


Work in progress cards:

-Human Cards-

-Monster Tamer (Human/Effect) have the ability to summon any Monster with SP ranging from 1000 to 4000 within the deck or hand. They also have an effect that allows controlling enemy monsters. Once they are defeated the monsters go back to the player’s control.

- Magedom of Alhazred Summoner (Human/Effect)

- Magedom of Alhazred Wizard (Human/Spell-caster)

- Magedom of Alhazred Healer (Human/Effect)

- Steel Baron Empire Knight (Human/Metal)

- Steel Baron Empire Archer (Human)

- Edo-Okami Samurai (Human)

- Edo-Tsuki Samurai (Human)

-Inja Wind Ninja (Human/Wind)

-Inja Fire Ninja (Human/Fire)

-Inja Earth Ninja (Human/Earth)

- Red Dragoon Mercenary (Human)

- Black Tooth Mercenary (Human)

- The Mercenary of Lyons (Human)

- Vaan (Human/ Non-Elemental)

- Hail (Human/Ice)

- Elsa (Human/Effect) *Double Attack*


-Beast Cards-

- Byakko (Beast/Ice) *One of the 4 symbols Edo*

- Lion of judah (Beast/Light)

- Kitsune (Beast/Fire)

- Killer Fox (Beast)

- Orc (Beast)

- Crommyonian Sow





Turn Structure

- Start Phase: Players can choose to use and activate a spell card, effect, skill, or trap card on the field.

- Draw Phase: The player who has the move gets to draw 1 card. The player can activate a spell card, effect, skill, or trap card on the field. If the players hand exceeds 6 one card must be placed within the dream zone.

- Main Phase 1: The player can activate a spell card, effect, skill card on the field, or manage the Dream Zone. The player also gets to place spells, skills, trap, or magic onto the field. This turn also allows monsters to evolve or fuse. Change monsters from Defense position or attack.

- Attacker Set up Phase: The player who has the turn chooses which monster on the field to attack.

- Defensive Set up Phase: The opposing player decides if they wish to Guard, Counter-Attack, or if they have the ability to use Cover or any other Magic, Skill, or Spell they can choose to do so.

- Battle Set up Phase: The options that the players choose are underway.

- Main Phase 2: The player can activate a spell card, effect, skill, or trap card on the field.

- End Turn: Next player goes, and any effect such as magic, skills, spells, and traps if required is removed from the field.