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Looking to get feedback on the first draft of my rules
User: Regniwekim
Date: 4/24/2017 12:42 pm
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Hey there fellow designers!

I'm hoping to get some feedback on this first iteration of my rules book.

The game is called King's Garden. Players will move workers around a field, collection flower and plots of land in order to build a garden for the king. It combines dice drafting, set collecting, and tableau building. It was heavily inspired by both Five Tribes and Alhambra.

You can find the rules here -

Any advice, critiques, or feedback is appreciated!

Re: Looking to get feedback on the first draft of my rules
User: TheBard
Date: 4/25/2017 8:03 am
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Alas, I can't say I've played either of the games which inspired this one, but I gave it a read anyway. It seemed straight-forward and clear enough. It was concise too, which is always welcome.

There were times when I would have liked a visual reference of what you were talking about, but I noted you wrote 'as shown' so I assume the final version will have diagrams. Gratuitous use of diagrams will, I think, put this over the top for clarity. Having played 'Zombies!' I know what 'If necessary, rotate tiles so they are accessible' means, but someone completely unfamiliar with the concept might get confused without diagrams.

Looks like a fun game, by the way. I love dice drafting games. Novel concept, too.