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NEW Card Game - The White Fox (working title)
User: CreativeMinds
Date: 9/14/2016 12:59 pm
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Hey guys and gals!

So we finally have a print ready prototype that we want to have as many people to lay their eyes and hands on. This is card game about thieves set in a world similar to our medieval age but with hints on magical items that existed long time ago. Please give us as much feedback as possible. We need feedback on Rules/wording and how easy it is to understand. We also need feedback on game design and theme. Please follow these links to see the PDFs.

plays 2-6 people, best with 3-5
30-60 mins gameplay

Rule Book

Print and Play (line art treasures)

If you do end up printing and playing it PLEASE fill out our short questionnaire found here:

Thank you!!

Re: NEW Card Game - The White Fox (working title)
User: Zengar
Date: 9/15/2016 2:15 pm
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The art on your game looks excellent!  I'm really impressed with it and it matches your theme well.

A couple things in the rulebook you could take a look at:

Under the heading Game Play you mention how to come up with player turn.  I would suggest defining that for those who desire more structure.  May be a little thing, however, some people may like that better.  Anyone who wants do choose who goes first on their own will do it anyway, without direction from you.  Just a thought.

Pronoun "he" is used a few times and should probably be more gender neutral in case whoever is playing isn't a "he".

You also use the words "Victory point" in several places and I think having the V and P both capitalized or lowercase would be better than one of each.

Game looks awesome and directions are easy to follow.  The pictures of how to place cards make it simple to understand.

Good luck on the game and I hope you sell lots!


Re: NEW Card Game - The White Fox (working title)
User: CreativeMinds
Date: 9/15/2016 4:03 pm
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Thanks so much for your kind words regarding the art and game as well as  taking your time to give some feedback. The things you mentioned definitely were something we were discussing a few times. We will talk about this and see how we can improve on the wording and who goes first decision. 

Thanks again! 

Re: NEW Card Game - The White Fox (working title)
User: blacwind1kaze
Date: 9/19/2016 11:13 pm
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So a couple of things just reading the rules.

1e) You could do the trick of "who ever has the most money goes first", thieves love that sort of thing.

2e) Just looking at it, it looks like a three player game only but you haven't listed any kind of minimum or limit to players.

3e) on the face down mission cards, you should probably list that the players can look at their own face down mission card at any time (provided that's in the rules), otherwise notify that no player can look at those dealt.

3.5e) Also with the mission bonuses, what if there are two players in the lead and have tied on Victory Points? how do the ties at the end of the game get resolved? (maybe a final draw two [or even a draw one to make it more interesting] and then skill card contest to see who wins?)

3.75e[PF]) oh, what does completing a set do for you anyways? you mention it and that rare cards can be used to complete the set but nothing else? or do you only score the common/uncommon/rare points if you have a set?

4e) You may also want to make an alternate version of the print out as i've seen most of the newer printers print page 1 & 2 on a sheet for double-sided printing versus the print half and then print again.

5e) So, looking at the artifacts, i mean treasure deck, is there something wrong with multiple commons/uncommons? while yes a possibly longer-ish game, it would allow for more completed sets and possibly answer some of my other points above. (without testing thinking 3 commons and 2 uncommons) This would allow even getting a rare card to be far more worth it and more competing.

So, these are my thoughts so far without actually testing the game itself and with reading the rules. Provided the rulebook becomes a little bit more in-depth, there might even be a 2-4 player logo slapped onto this bad boy. :D

Re: NEW Card Game - The White Fox (working title)
User: CreativeMinds
Date: 9/26/2016 1:04 pm
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thank you! That is gerat feedback.

1). Regarding who goes first i like your idea because it is themed. The only little issue we may encounter is in the case where nobody has any cash on them. We also like another idea our friend gave us. He said it could be that before the game starts each player draws a treasure card and whoever's treasure title first letter is closest to A goes first. Its less thematic but it's a good mechanic that is used in many other card games so it is familiar.

2). good point, it is actually 2-6 player game but that needs to be tested we know it works 2-5 but have not tried with 6 people yet. We definitely need to include that in the rules though.

3). that is great observation. It is one of those things that seems so obvious to us because we have played the game many many times but i can totally see how people may not understand that aspect.

3.5). It is possible in our game to have 2 or more winners if they tie as this is the current design. But we also have been thinking about your suggestion of creating some kind of tie breaking mechanic

3.75). I guess this might not have been clear enough in the rules? You get additional 3 victory points per set. So the scoring is devided into 3 tiers. 1st tier is the basic treasure points, each common gives you 1 point, each uncommon 2, and each rare 4. The second tier is color sets where each set can be completed by collecting 3 of same color or using rares as wild cards and gives you 3 additional victory points for each set. Third tier of scroing is missions where each common treasure you collect thats part of your missions gives you additional 1 point, each uncommon 2, and each rare 3. Also if you manage to collect all 3 treasures from your mission, you are granted another additional 4 victory points.

4). yeah i couldnt really find the best way because after looking at other people's documents some were setup the same way ours was and some were like you mentioned. It is a good idea to have both versions in that case

5). I like that idea but the only thing that makes it a bit complicated to balance is the fact that the more treasures there are the more costly the print will be as well as the play time will increase dramatically with each terasure duplicate added. If we could find a way to speed up the rounds that could definitely be an interesting option to explore.

Thanks again! hopefully i have answered some of the questions and hopefully you could print and test it out with your friends! Let me know if youd prefer a version with backs of the cards on the same page.


Re: NEW Card Game - The White Fox (working title)
User: blacwind1kaze
Date: 9/27/2016 3:02 pm
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Having another version would be good so I can help playtest.

Thanks for clearing some things up :)