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Online game idea ready for manufacturing
User: BigdaddyGiggles
Date: 11/11/2013 9:02 pm
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e a very unique online game idea that i have been working on for some time now, and was wondering if i can find a buyer to just take the concept and complete drawings rules gameplay, instructions etc. and manufacture it themselves rather than me going through all the hoops i know nothing about, basically , is there anyone in particular that would take my concept and if liked , purchase it from me?

Re: Online game idea ready for manufacturing
User: AnSR-entertainments
Date: 11/12/2013 4:36 am
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How much?

More importantly, though, why not just do an artless version of it here, and use it to shop around to the big game companies. If it is something that will add to the lexicon of great games, you owe it to the game to start making it, playing it 100 times with other people, and refining it until it is a polished piece of gold. That, in truth, is where you find the game from the idea that you have.

Look around the site. There are plenty of games with little to no art. We all are pretty willing to help with hammering out rules in the forums or chat (I have helped write rules to at least 2 other non-mine games). Heck, I know of 2 people thzt hang out in chat that is willing to draw art for a game at a fair price.

If you have a game worth selling, then you have a game worth making. Try it, and enjoy it.

Re: Online game idea ready for manufacturing
User: Benjamin Wolfe
Date: 11/12/2013 12:22 pm
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You're not likely to get a buyer on this site. It's made for people who want to craft their own games for free (or to test-print their games before investing in them). In other words, it's for people who already have their own ideas! They don't need to buy yours.

I'm a bit unclear on your request though.

Are you saying that you already have functional rules, artwork etc.? If so, why not just figure out how to publish here? It's not that hard. And the community is pretty helpful.

If you don't have your own art, don't let that stop you. Make a playtest version first (with pen and paper, photoshop, whatever) and make sure it's working. Then find an artist or some public domain clipart or something to make it pretty! 

But you did use the words "online game". Are you saying this is a video game? If so you are on the completely wrong site. This is for card and board games.

Re: Online game idea ready for manufacturing
User: Christy Taut
Date: 12/28/2017 1:44 am
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I guess You should create the prototype first and then deliver it to someone else for the show-up. It happened to me that one of my games got stolen up by the developer on up work. So just guiding you. 

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