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Promo Pack Contents
User: Sad Enemy
Date: 4/10/2017 5:29 pm
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I'm thinking of making packs of 18 card with cards from my new game. I'm going to be handing these out to any and everyone I come in contact with that is interested in my game. My question to everyone here is besides some cards from the game what other cards would you like to see in a pack like this. For example, maybe a card that dictates the rules of the game in brief?

Re: Promo Pack Contents
User: tarotbear
Date: 4/10/2017 6:43 pm
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Don't forget to include a shameless self-promotion card that tells the potential buyer where and how to purchase your game, especially if they show it to other people that might be interesting in their own purchase. Make it easy for the potential buyer to buy your game~!!!  Money Mouth

Re: Promo Pack Contents
User: AnSR Games
Date: 4/24/2017 9:34 am
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I'd want an actual game with promos for your future games and the selfish promo-plug. That gives me a taste of what I can expect from you as a designer, gives me something to do, and gives me a reason to look at your cards after a convention or our interaction. In fact, if you can make a game OUT of your promo cards, that's even better.

I think Chevee Dodd did a game called "Booty" that he handed out to folks that asked him for a copy. That was a pretty cool idea.

What games are in the promo pack?

Re: Promo Pack Contents
User: Sad Enemy
Date: 4/24/2017 10:26 am
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I was thinking a pack of 18 cards. 17 of them would be cards that are going to be in the game I plan on releasing later this year. So people can see what the cards look like and get a sense of the game. It will also have 1 promo card I plan to not release anywhere else. As well as one card to tell a bit about the game.

Re: Promo Pack Contents
User: maurymorimoto
Date: 5/7/2017 11:24 pm
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I agree, a set of promo cards will create 100 times the impression if they have some function other than just being samples.  18 cards is enough to make a very simple game. If you gave away samples of 28 cards, your cards could double as a set of dominoes.

One of the coolest business cards I rec'd at a convention was made of wood about 1/4 inch thick with six puzzle pieces in the center that could be popped out and assembled to make a die.  I later ended up ordering something from that company just because I liked the card/wooden puzzle so much.

You want people to play with your cards with friends long after the convention is over.