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User: PaperboySMD
Date: 5/5/2017 7:34 am
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Hey All,

Was hoping i can get some feedback on the rules to my game.  This is the second draft so far and i want to make sure they flow well since the game itself has a bunch going on.  The final draft will be more visual but for now i just have text.

Also, i need some opinion on card costs and Damage and such.  The game has a deck building element with weapons and combat and such.  From a number standpoint, everything is done in multiples of 5, and values range from 5 to about 300 (i.e Some of the bosses have 300 health and some of the more powerful weapons deal 80 damage)

Overall the feed back for teh game thus far has been positive, but i would love to have some more opinions


Project-Spera-Rulebook-2.pdf Project-Spera-Rulebook-2.pdf