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Samurai Dice playtest, feedback welcome!
User: JRoss
Date: 8/15/2017 3:07 pm
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Hey, all,

This is my game, Samurai Dice. The playtest document is pretty basic looking, but I'm going to crosspost what the games' actually going to look like over in the Art and Layout forum.

This game, when produced, is going to have two sets of Heroes and Enemies for players to use. I have two design goals:

1. Tell a story with every game

2. Be very simple to pick up and play

Once in production instead of score sheets the game is going to have UV coated cards and dry erase markers for keeping trak of damage and levels.

If I get enough funding on Kickstarter that's going to fund expansion decks, whcih each have more Heroes and Enemies, plus a story setup card (or a few).

The expansions are also going to have Strife cards. Each turn draw two and choose one to play against your opponent when they attack (or choose one for you to face if playing solo).

Then there are Story cards. Instead of attacking you can choose to try and get a benefit for your next attack, but taking your time with Story cards might mean that your opponent uses their time to attack and defeat enemies.

I really want to keep the base game simple, even though the expansions are going to be pretty easy, too. This game is a spinoff of my RPG, Kaigaku, and the decks can double as RPG scenario or encounter generators.

I really want to hear what you have to say.