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Unnamed tcg
User: Jedink Games
Date: 2/28/2017 3:17 am
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My tcg game is about player cards that acts as factions and troop cards that help defend the faction card, the first faction card reaches 0 life points loses. What is great about the faction system is multiple players can play at once in an all out faction war. Currently this is what i have come up with

I appreciate if i can get some ideas added to the game, but since my mechanic is set i dont really want to hear, TCG type game wont be good or there is no market for this type of game, i get it but if its the type of thing i enjoy then i would like to see it through

So here we go

Unnamed TCG

[b]Faction card[/b]
4 available factions are at launch, each faction has a special ability that differentiates from each other.
Players choose a faction to represent themselves, then players choose troop and spell cards to act as the faction's defence. Players need to draw resource food cards so they can spend the food to play troop monsters.

The faction cards is the players life points, once it reaches 0 that player loses. (life points are not set but an example would be 1500 LP)
The faction cards have numbered abilities 1, 2, 3, each turn on the players turn a counter is placed (max 3) on the lowest number first, each passing turn that player can put another counter on the 2 and 3. The player is free to spend the counters on either 1, 2 or 3 on their turn to activate an ability which could alter or change the battle around. Once an ability has been used, the counters are removed from the card and the card returns to 0 points and you must then power up the cards again during your own turns.
Region cards[/b]
Each deck can have region cards, you are able to play 2 region cards at a time, they are used to power up your troop or give you an advantage in battle, and they remain on your field until you replace the regions or the opponent destroys it.

[b]Region cards[/b] (All may not be available at launch)
The monster associated with that region are only affected by that regions ability. The regions abilities are still WIP


[b]Volcano – Burn:[/b] Once per turn on your turn only flip 3 coins, if heads all enemy troops that are not associated with volcano receives 20 damage X number of heads.

[b]Snow – Blizzard:[/b] Once per turn, on your turn only, put a counter on snow (max 5). When enemy attacks roll a die, results are as followed.
1 token, result 1. Enemy misses attack
2 tokens, result 1,4. Enemy misses attack
3 tokens, result 1,4,6. Enemy misses attack
4 tokens, result 1,3,4,6. Enemy misses attack
5 tokens, result 1,3,4,5,6. Enemy misses attack


[b]Horror – Parasite[/b]:Each turn put a counter on your monsters, when attacked you can choose to flip a coin, if heads, damage is inflicted to enemy X number of counters on monster. 1 counter =10 damage. Remove counters after using ability.

[b]Forest – Regeneration:[/b] Each turn passed, heal all forest region monsters HP by 10

[b]Sky – Direct hit:[/b] Flip a coin and choose a monster to attack with, if heads, your monsters can bypass enemy troops and can attack opponent's faction card directly.

Demon world[/b]

[b]Troop cards[/b]

Some troops will have special effects while others will just have flavour text like a story/background of troop. You can only use troops that belong in the faction you chose but you can use any region card that is associated with that troop.
The template of the troop card with have an attack/defence (example 450 atk 500 def) stat as well as a region and faction type symbol that will determine the troops allegiance and the region it will benefit from.

[b]Orc faction (contains orc, goblin, ogre and troll)[/b]
Orc – Swamp
Ice Orc – Snow
Fire Orc – Volcano
Ogre – Mountain
Undead Ogre – Graveyard
Goblin – Forest
Troll – Forest
Human faction (contains only humans so far)[/b]
Wizard – City
Knight – City
Blacksmith – Volcano
Hag – Swamp
Skeleton – Graveyard
Ninja – City
Hunter – Forest

[b]Monster faction (contains Abomination, gouls and mythical creatures)[/b]
Abomination – Horror
Abomination knight – Horror
Abomination fly/insect – Horror
Goul – Graveyard
Cerebus – Demon World
Hydra – Demon world

[b]Fantasy faction undecided name
 (contains fairies, elves and mythical creatures)[/b]
Elf – Forest
Mermaid – Sea
Griffin – Sky
Fairy – Sky
Centaur – Forest
Minotaur – Mountain

Unreleased factions
[b]Eternal/Gods faction[/b]
Demon – Demon World
Succubus – Demon World
Fire god- Volcano
Ice god – Snow
Angel – Sky

If you don’t think some creatures belong to the right region or faction or if you can come up with some more creature species ill appreciate the help

Each deck will have a certain  amount of resource cards which are in the form of food, they are used to play troops onto the field, some require 1 will others require 4 or more( you would need food for your troops when in battle right? So I thought this is a appropriate mechanic )

I was thinking of adding different food sources for different factions since some that eat meat is illogical so one food source is find for this game. Most food cards will only contain 1 food while some cards will probably have 4+ food. I haven’t fully decide on if  food cards are used they will be discarded or the ones that are played will have a cool down on it so you cant use the ones you played until a turn or so has passed like in magic, the mana cards are replenished on your next turn.

[b]Spell cards[/b]
These cards acts as attachment cards for your troops which will power their attack or defence or have a special ability. Some cards will probably only be used on certain troops for example: I can only play bone club spell attachment on my orc troop which will boost its attack by 20 or something.
Attachment cards will stay on the troop until it is forcibly removed or the troop dies.
Other spell cards I coincided are counter cards and cards that affect the opponent.

Here is an template for the troop cards, what do you think of the placements, any suggestions?

Re: Unnamed tcg
User: tarotbear
Date: 2/28/2017 2:55 pm
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"Deffence" should be either 'defence' or 'defense', BTW ...Surprised

Re: Unnamed tcg
User: Jedink Games
Date: 3/5/2017 0:26 am
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Yup i know, i type too fast i usually misspell stuff, In the real game i make sure there are no spelling mistakes

Re: Unnamed tcg
User: tarotbear
Date: 3/5/2017 10:49 am
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Good - because nothing will sink your game faster than bad spelling and poor proofreading ...