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what kind of game should my idea become?
User: tuxedo_R
Date: 1/8/2017 0:58 am
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I have an idea for a fantasy co-op game pitting the bad guys (the players) against the good guys and originaly I was going to make it a deck builder. Then I thought about making it more like sentinels of the multiverse in the terms of gameplay.  Now as I'm thinking of more ideas, I want to add, I feel like it would make a really fun board game. I know CCGs and deck builders are a world apart from boardgames, but My ideas for this game have grown so much, I think a card game would be overly confusing for it. this is my first time designing a game so maybe I'm getting too far ahead of myself on this idea?

Re: what kind of game should my idea become?
User: Sad Enemy
Date: 2/15/2017 7:55 am
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Your concept is a little vague for me to truly tell you which format would benefit it more. However, if I had to choose between your options I would opt. for a boardgame.