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WWII in the Pacific
User: redindus
Date: 4/20/2017 12:10 pm
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Not sure if any hardcore gamers out there enjoy playing those hex based board games. There are few board games that cover in the Pacific and the most expensive one i got off from Ebay was $175 and retail is around 350-400. It is a massive board game i ever played, but sadly lack of realism and details during the engagement.

So i decided to make something for myself, but be warn this game is very complex and alot of time invest in. I will start a small naval warfare board game first, then second would be ground, then finally the grand campaign to play the Pacific. The naval/ground warfare will have scenario setups and to play the Pacific Campaign will require both naval and ground warfare for it to work. It will cover both AIs and two players and recommend to have a game master along with it. Depend how i set this up. Its kinda like AD&D with game master going over the details, etc.

Not sure how much this project will cost, was hoping i get this naval warfare done by few months, making sure i get all the details in order before release. The gound warfare will follow after that, then finally the huge grand campaign.

I have few requests from Matrix site, that wanted to see this and not sure if anyone here is interesting in it.