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Card Game Design [Seeking Exp Person]
User: Anderfell
Date: 6/23/2017 0:58 am
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Hello my name is Brandon and I am currently one of the co owners of Digital Forged Studios.

I'm seeking someone that I can talk with about planning a card game, so I can add the game to my video game as a mini game of sorts,

I have no experince with card games and would to speak with someone that loves them and can plan and suggest ideas, I have a theme in mind and can write a great story, but I lack the know how of card games as an example whats popular and what not to do ect.

The game is called Mutagen and its a Action rpg, the idea I had was to use the stories factions to come up with a card game that uses the lore of the world thats fun to play, collect cards and even sell physical copies for real world play,

The theme will be Science Fiction, Space, Future and Horror the card design I have in mind so far is using a matte black back with a dna logo in the center the color of the dna indicates the rarity of the card, some cards will be bought from a website if unlocked in game with a limit to how many copies you can buy,

You will also be able to buy pack from our websites with codes for unlocking in game booster packs,

before you apply keep in mind that this card game idea is still in the starting stages and wont be in game for sometime, Ill be able to setup and online version using the ccg tookit in unreal engine to craft the game to see how it plays, also artwork and such will not be done still the idea is 100% completed and will use based textures so pure basics to run a working card game.

The project is Royalties and when any fund raising is made you will also receive some funding based off that, this is divided depending on amount of work done as an example per asset made toward the game.

The game is a Action RPG with online elements this will be an ongoing project, we are running ssh servers, and Trello boards along with Preforce. We have a small staff of experienced people.

We do have some artwork to show of the world a little and what it's about, If you are interested in joining the project please contact us at:

Anderfell info:
Anderfell#5123 on Discord email

Shadefix info:
Shadefix#0570 on Discord email

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Regards Brandon
Digital Forged Game Development Team.