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Elemental Strikers
User: ironspider2357
Date: 9/3/2016 8:17 am
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Will any artists work for free please

Re: Elemental Strikers
Date: 9/13/2016 10:07 am
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That's probably not going to happen. Try to come up with a minimum budget you can work from with card art. For my game, I came up with a $30 minimum, and worked from there. Most artists won't do it for that little, but you can find some really cool artists that do really good work that'll do a few cards or pieces for you for that much.

Re: Elemental Strikers
User: Renflowergrapx
Date: 9/15/2016 4:22 pm
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Let me say first that I find your message pretty offensive. 
I can understand that sometimes we just need to start from zero and its hard to launch a project when you are missing pieces.

i'm an illustrator, i would also help someone, but i'd like to have a small presentation of the project at least. i mean:

What can of artist/designer are you looking for?
What do you need? How many pieces?

Wouldn't you at least offer to keep a good advertise for the artist and a minimun % from the project pofits?

Dont get mad to me, i'm trying to help, and the title interests me. Hope to get an answer!