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Full Service Art Studio
User: Game Chain
Date: 4/26/2017 3:39 pm
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Hello we are Game Chain, a full service art studio that can handle all your art needs at very resonable rates. We currently work with many board game makers such as Hasbro, Petersen Games and many more. 

Need top notch 3D models to make that figure stand out? Need concept art, card design or even enviroment pieces? We can help. I have 100 plus very talented artist in house for much cheaper than the average sculpting cost as we work digital 3D so you can have the piece you need ready to send for manufacturing in a very short turn around. 

Being gamers ourselves we understand our clients. We will work with you on any needs you may have. Feel free to reach out @ or check out our portfolio @

Let me know how we can help.