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Looking for partner to help publish a game on here
User: Eriek
Date: 11/5/2016 7:23 pm
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Hi, I have the rules for a game worked out. It's an abstract currently, but I want to work with another party to add some 'pizzazz' to it to make it more apealing. So either keep it an abstract or add a 'skin' to it. So I'm looking for someone that's published at least one game on here, and who has a good feel for the market.

I'm going to go ahead and put the abstract rules here 

(Working Title: Oct)

Number of Players: 2

Setup/Board Description: Square Grid. The North and South edges are owned by Player 1, and the East and West edges are owned by Player 2. Corners are shared.

Pieces: Pawns (bases) and sticks (connections). The game can also be played with colored pencils/crayons/markers/etc on graph paper instead.

Suggested Board Sizes, Play Times and Skill Levels:
15 min - 11x11 (Beginner)
30 min - 16x16 (Intermediate)
60 min - 22x22 (Advanced)

Each player tries to connect their edges of the board by placing bases and connecting them together.

Each turn:
* A player places a base on ANY empty space on the board.
* Then connects it to all of their adjacent bases in the eight adjoining squares, unless it would cross an opponent's connection.
(The point of this is to keep track of connections across diagonals.)

Win condition: A player connects their two edges of the board.

Pie rule (optional, this rule nullifies the 1st player's inherent advantage): After the first move is made, the second player has one of two options:

1) Letting the first player's move stand, in which case the second player remains the second player and moves immediately, or

2) Switching places, in which case the second player becomes the first-moving player, and the "new" second player then makes their "first" move. (I.e., the game proceeds from the opening move already made, but with roles reversed.)