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NEED: Full Service Game Designer
User: ShaunaCheung
Date: 7/10/2017 8:16 am
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Hello All,

I am looking for an artist or team of artists to help me create a board game from start to finish (i.e. concept, writing, getting artwork print-ready, etc).

The game will be for the Aviation company that I work for and we will be giving the board game away at trade shows all over the US and Internationally. We do at least one trade show a month from Paris to London to Panama, all the way back to Orlando, Florida just for example.

No big rush on this project, but we will need someone who is extremely professional and experienced with successfully meeting deadlines, as well as, someone who is communicative and transparent throughout the process.

Please reach out with samples of your work and I'll follow up with you if there is interest to move further.

Thank you,

Shauna Cheung, Marketing Coordinator

Re: NEED: Full Service Game Designer
Date: 7/31/2017 9:22 am
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We are a creative design and illustration team with both technical and artistic skills developing games and toys for children for over 20 years. We would love to have the opportunity to put our skills and talents to work for you in creating your board game from start to finish. We have helped bring many games to life from concept development, play testing, illustartion and design of all hte game parts, to final print ready files for the packaging, game assets, cards, instructions, boards, etc.

Please check out our website to see some of the games we have helped develop, design and illustrate.

We work in a variety of styles working with our clients to create the best look and style for every project. We provide a round of initial sketches, then take your suggestions, notes, ideas and work on a final round of sketches. Once those are approved, we create the final designs and artwork. We are easy to work with, meet our deadlines and bring passion and creativity to every project we work on.

We would love to discuss your project with you and get to work  bringing your game to life.

Traci & Kurt