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VISUALS: Designer / Artist for HIRE!
User: Ameshin
Date: 1/7/2017 11:23 am
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Hello, I'm Ameshi!
Do you need something visual?

No matter what it is, if it's visual I have you covered 100%!
Particular strong points: Sci-fi, Fantasy, Fine Art, Abstract, Horror Macabre, Commercial Design, 3D.

Any style, any taste, any genre. Made specificlly for you, with care.

I'm a full time creative consultant with almost 20 years experience in various art and design fields!

Feel free to contact me:
Ameshin Crazy Grunge Logo by ameshin
What is it that you need?
Deadly Sharp Spear Finned Spacecraft by ameshin

A logo?
Guardians Gaming Logo Concepts by ameshin

What type?
Malfunktion EDM Logo and Stylized Designs by ameshin

Maybe something cartoony?
Draw Your Squad Like This ~ Wheee Terra Nova! by ameshin

..could it be you need options?
Draw Your Squad - Terra Nova by ameshin

Lets get creative.
Wood Elf by ameshin

..really creative.
Mistress of Tears Wagon by ameshin

Maybe some fantasy illustration?
Elf Knight by ameshin

..or maybe you just need the card frame?
PlayingCardTemplateExample by ameshin perhaps?
Backgrounds and Title Banner by ameshin

...or icons?
SurvHive GUI Menu and Icons by ameshin

pixel art?
Wing flap by ameshin

need something more photo realistic?
What if I told you fairies are real? by ameshin

or maybe real photos? (Taken in Tokyo Japan only. Sorry!)
Tokyo Sunflower by ameshin

..could it be you're going for something less cheerful?
The fairy in your garden by ameshin

or perhaps some sci-fi?
No Big Deal Just SPACE by ameshin


Gatertank by ameshin

maybe you like fine art?
Pretty cat, dirty pheasant by ameshin

That's fine!
Coming Soon Abstract Acrylic Painting by ameshin

...or something strange?
I'm not like you. by ameshin

......Doodle Sheep Girl Style Practice by ameshin.......

...Damaged Goods by ameshin....

...Never Forget: I could eat you if I wanted. by ameshin!

maybe something super cute?
Cat Paints Stars by ameshin

or simple? I think its a carrot 4 by ameshin

Elf Warrior by ameshin

Unreal Kimono Dress, Booties n Doll 3D model n tex by ameshin

As you wish!
Elf Synthe 3D models and textures by ameshin

....backgrounds maybe?
Moon Cityscene Rework by ameshin

Hawthorn Card: The Welcoming Path by ameshin

.........lots of scenes?
Hawthorn 36 Playing Card Illustrations by ameshin


Lark by ameshin


Tragic Bot in the Hole? Background Clipping by ameshin


Always aim for imperfection by ameshin

the only limit is your imagination.
Without End by ameshin

Don't be shy!

Alien Concepts by ameshin

Star Nomad 2 Layered Space Station Preview by ameshin

Get in touch.

Raet a DNA ecalp a DNA emit a tsuj sti. by ameshin

Let's make some magic.
.....or some science!

Star Hunter Rocket by ameshin

If you can see it I can do it!

We Are Not Divine Poster by ameshin

Ameshin's Art: Restless: Probabilistic Logic by ameshin

WonderRocketAmeshin by ameshin

...or fix it.
Hdpre by ameshin

Xmas Versions for advertisement by ameshin