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Adding a second deck
User: freunleven
Date: 8/11/2015 7:59 pm
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There was a way to have multiple decks for a game. For example, the second can be a double-sided rules card. The game crafter is assuming that I don't want a second deck because the card back was the same as the one already used, so it wasn't letting me add another deck that way. I disagree with this assumption and it caused frustration. I had to add a different card back then change it to be the same.

Re: Adding a second deck
User: zovu
Date: 8/12/2015 8:02 am
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The new system allows for replacing files in bulk, and in order to allow that, it has to do that by filename. So if you try to upload a file with a filename that already exists, it will assume that you are replacing the existing file.

The simplest solution is to make a copy of the card back on your computer, rename it, and upload it as the back of the second deck.

Re: Adding a second deck
Heather (Customer Support)
User: Heather (Customer Support)
Date: 8/16/2015 4:44 pm
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As Zovu stated, the easiest way to do this would be to create another copy of the image with a different name, then upload that image as the back for the second deck.