BIG Improvement!
User: Frost Forge Games
Date: 1/5/2016 7:41 am
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Just received my first copy of my new card game yesterday, and what can I say... I am impressed. Several years ago, I played a few prototypes that were made by TGC, and I thought, "Meh" in regards to the quality. In fact, I thought a lot of the components were below average quality. Well, I'm here to say that that all has changed. There's been a huge improvement in your product quality since those days and I am a very satisfied customer! Now we just need to see how well it holds up under the rigors of regular play. 

The only downside is the rather high cost to print a game, which is an even higher cost to the consumer who purchases our games manufactured by TGC. But, I guess that's an expected side-effect of using a print-on-demand company instead of trying to cough up a pile of money for the minimum order size (usually 1500 copies) at one of the big overseas game manufacturers and then waiting months. 

All in all, I had a great experience with TGC. Looking forward to doing more business with TGC!!! You guys rock! Thank you!

Re: BIG Improvement!
User: tavis
Date: 1/6/2016 1:04 am
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Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to share your honest feedback. It means the world to us and we're always listening to the community to get a feel for how we're doing.

We're thrilled to hear you're pleased with the quality of our products. We will never get tired of hearing that praise! We're always trying to raise the bar and push the boundaries for what's possible with print on demand. It will keep getting better!

Thanks for trusting us with your business and being a great member of our community! Laughing


Tavis Parker
The Game Crafter