First Print - Happy...
User: Gobbo Games
Date: 2/16/2016 3:49 am
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I received the first print of my game today ... takes a while to get to me in South Africa as I have to use an external service provider called Aramex Global Shopper.

I am extremely happy with the quality of the Chits, Rule Booklet, Cards, and Dice ... the box however ... not overly impressed.

Firstly I went with a Large Retail Box because that is what the site recommended when I created the game. I understand it was an indication and we are responsible to make sure the components fit ... well the box is double the size it needs to be for the components.

I am okay with dicovering it like this, as I was unsure when I first ordered and needed to see the space available and the components for myself first hand.

The box is impressive but the wrapping on the box is not applied smoothly all over the box and tends to make the box look like a very rough prototype.

I am going to rework the box and maybe go for a Medium Pro Box instead ... use the extra money to add Linen textures to the components.

What I would reccomend is that you maybe show shots of the box closed and open on the products page ... this will give us a clearer understanding of how the box works ... I had no idea the Large Retail Box was the way it was ... I thought they slotted over each other.

Other than that ... I am extremely happy with the final product and will be ordering a few more copies as I am demonstrating my game at one of our local conventions here in South Africa in April.

Thank TGC for giving me the chance to be able to bring a high quality product to the expo. 8-}

Re: First Print - Happy...
User: tavis
Date: 4/4/2016 11:02 am
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Hi Gobbo Games,

Thanks for taking the time to provide us with a detailed testimonial. We appreciate you doing that and like to hear honest feedback about how we're doing.

I'm glad to hear you are pleased with the quality of most of the products in your game. 

Our box calculation math that goes on behind the scenes does a pretty good job but it's not perfect in all cases. (because the math is ridiculously hard to perfect... it's like playing tetris a billion times with the exact items you have in your game) So if that recommendation wasn't ideal then we're sorry about that but our system tends to be conservative so that we aren't in the situation where the box can't close because there are just a bit too many components crammed into it. :)

We haven't heard of any complaints like this on our Large Retail Box so I'm not sure if this is just your feelings or an actual production issue. However, the Medium Pro Box is a much tighter box and one that many people prefer. I think your strategy of going to a Medium Pro Box might be a winner for you. (especially if you don't need nearly as much space as the Large Retail Box.

At some point we'll add product videos to our catalog (in addition to the photos there now) and that should help provide a clearer picture of each product. 

Thank you for your feedback and your business.