Great service with some rough edges
User: Skunk_Shampoo
Date: 8/31/2016 1:12 pm
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Hello GameCrafter,

I bought The Captain is Dead earlier this month. I had been wanting to buy it for over a year now, but I was waiting for a sale since the price seemed very expensive. Granted, I do not buy tabletop games often. Learning more about how your company does things and the cost pf production put things in perspective. I do appreciate the efforts that go into making everything to order and the status updates are a nice touch.

I finally bought the game because I was going to take a trip to see someone I have only ever spoken to online. I am actually writing this on the bus ride back home. Things went very well by the way and TCiD was one of the highlights of the trip. I just purchased a few copies of board game simulator so we can continue playing online.

Back to the board game, the quality of the materials were a little disappointing. Just a few smalll nitpicks. Some of the stickers were not seperating from the sheets without some difficulty. I was able to seperate most without issue, but one of the pawn stickers was left with a small tear. It seems some of the stickers were not cut complerely through on one side. I had to remove them extremely carefully to avoid tearing.

The board itself seems a bit thin compared to the boards on mainstream board games. I also feel the need to baby it when opening it up because it feels like the hinges would be weak points that could tear easily. The cards also feel thinner than what you usually get in something like an Uno deck. While they do well enough they don't feel durable like I would expect from a game with a $50 tag.

Just some durability concerns.

Other than that, I love your service and the possibilities you provide both for indie game makers and players alike ☺

Re: Great service with some rough edges
User: tavis
Date: 9/1/2016 3:52 pm
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Thank you for taking the time to post your feedback on The Captain Is Dead.

We're thrilled you enjoyed The Captain Is Dead. It just recently was released for Tabletop Simulator and that sounds like it will work out great for you.

In terms of durability, we haven't heard many complaints for the components in The Captain Is Dead. There was originally 1700 backers in our Kickstarter 2 years ago and we've sold a couple thousand since then. It has done extremely well on BoardGameGeek with a 7.4 rating after 400+ reviews.

If you think there was a production issue with your stickers, please click the green support button on the right side of this webpage and let us know. We'll gladly send replacement stickers if you truly think this was an issue on our part.

Finally, card stock quality is often a perception issue. The cardstock we use is called Playper and we bring it over from Europe. It's the exact same card stock used by Magic: the Gathering and thousands of other popular games on the market. (12 point cardstock, 305gsm)  While it may not be as thick/fancy as some of the big Kickstarter funded games coming out right now, it's considered a premium card stock in the industry. :)

Thanks for your business and we hope you get many hours of enjoyment from The Captain Is Dead!!

Re: Great service with some rough edges
User: Skunk_Shampoo
Date: 9/2/2016 5:06 pm
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Hi again,

Yeah it was more about perception than any actual failing of the materials.

The only real issue I had was the cut of the stickers, but the torn bit is such a minor tear thay it is mostly unnoticable. My main concern was that others might not fare as well as I did when removing them. I am a bit OCD about these things and was very careful. I think a razor may have helped make the removal a lot easier in the parts where the cut did not go all the way through the sticker material. No need for a replacement, but just a heads up.

I managed to snag the TCiD DLC while it was on sale. My girlfriend and I set up out mics last night and look forward to playing it on Tabletop Simulator someday soon.

Also, i look forward to the Kickstarter for Episode 3. If you will have a reward tier just for Episode 2 and 3, that would be perfect. Any chance we will see the expansions on tabletop sim?

Also, concerning Tabletop Sim. I would love it if you guys released a content pack that contains all the Gamecrafter materials. I would love to make a gamecrafter game someday. I would probably use Tabletop sim as a way to develop my ideas for the final product.

Actually. If you guys partnered with them and you could actual order a physical copy of the games you make within Tabletop Sim. That would be pretty amazing.

Sorry that is getting a bit off topic. Is there a place to post requests like this? Would I just post it in the  Site Suggestions section?

Re: Great service with some rough edges
User: tavis
Date: 9/7/2016 4:37 pm
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Alright, well thank you for the heads up. I'll pass this along to the production team to make sure they're aware of it. Know that if you encounter what you think is a production issue, you can always reach out to our support team and we'll replace the product if we find that it is.

There is some big news coming for TCID and so we have to wait for that to be released before we can comment on anything else about the franchise. We would certainly like all of the episodes to be available on Tabletop Simulator. :)

We've talked about tighter integration between TGC and Tabletop Simulator. However, it's not something we're able to work on right now because of other projects. You're correct about submitting ideas to the ideas list. It's under the community tab in the main navigation menu. Then people in the community can vote on ideas and the most popular ones are what we try to work on next. This way the community helps determine the new products/features we work on next!