Just Finished First Project - Thoughts?
User: PaperboySMD
Date: 5/4/2017 6:10 pm
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So, i just finished and received my first project and all in all i will say i am pretty happy with it.  TGC is a little expensive and a few things i needed were not available as options (i.e. certain size tiles and mats) and the overall card quality is a little low given the cost, but i think for Demo purposes and small scale fullfillment, TGC is a good viable option to consider.

The creation process itself was pretty straight forward and easy once i got the hang of it, although of course creating the files and making the game was the hard part.  Uploading to TGC was cake lol.

Now that i have my first copy i have already coem up with a couple ways to reduce production cost (i.e using compants and print sheets more efficiently) and i will certainly be using TGC for future small scale or Demo projects.

Anyhow, what are everyone elses thoughts?