Just Finished First Project - Thoughts?
User: PaperboySMD
Date: 5/4/2017 6:10 pm
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So, i just finished and received my first project and all in all i will say i am pretty happy with it.  TGC is a little expensive and a few things i needed were not available as options (i.e. certain size tiles and mats) and the overall card quality is a little low given the cost, but i think for Demo purposes and small scale fullfillment, TGC is a good viable option to consider.

The creation process itself was pretty straight forward and easy once i got the hang of it, although of course creating the files and making the game was the hard part.  Uploading to TGC was cake lol.

Now that i have my first copy i have already coem up with a couple ways to reduce production cost (i.e using compants and print sheets more efficiently) and i will certainly be using TGC for future small scale or Demo projects.

Anyhow, what are everyone elses thoughts?

Re: Just Finished First Project - Thoughts?
User: tavis
Date: 8/10/2017 1:03 am
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We're pleased to hear you're happy with our service overall. As far as we're aware, our pricing is equal or cheaper than any of the print on demand services. If you're seeing much cheaper pricing from another provider, we would question the quality of components used by them.

Our card stock is the same 12pm 305gsm Playper cardstock that Magic: the Gathering is printed on so it's premium stock and an industry standard. However, percieved quality is often just based on a person's feelings and there's nothing we can do to convince you otherwise. :)

Glad to hear you were able to make your game more cost efficient. That's pretty common once designers become more familiar with our print on demand system.

Happy designing!