Shipping cost from US to Italy
User: Bigabyte
Date: 2/12/2017 11:29 am
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Hello, I'm trying to create a parody of a famous board game to play with my friends. The site is amazing, there are a lot of useful tools and the prices are very low. However, since I live in Italy and I'm not familiar with internation shipping system, I have no idea how to calculate the other import taxes, customs duties, etc. for my country. Has anyone of you ever bought any products from Italy? Could you tell me how much would the shipping cost me overall considering I won't spending more than 20/30 dollars on the game?

I'd like to hear the experience of someone who has actually bought a product from TGC, but any guide or tool that could help me calculate the actual cost will be appreciated aswell.

Thank you!

Re: Shipping cost from US to Italy
User: tavis
Date: 2/14/2017 7:23 pm
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This is a testimonials forum where people post their experiences with The Game Crafter. This isn't really a place to discuss international shipping. You would likely have better luck discussing this on our Miscellaneous forum or our "General Chat" channel in the bottom right corner of our website.

You have to be logged into your user account on www.thegamecrafter.com to be able to use chat, but if you join the chat channel then you'll be able to talk to other game designers in the community. That would be the best way to talk to other people about their shipping experiences at The Game Crafter.

Couple things I wanted to share with you:

#1 - We can't estimate shipping charges to your location. Instead, you can add products from our online shop that are similar to what you're planning to make. Then you can enter your shipping address and during the checkout process the shipping calculators from USPS (United States Postal Service) will calculate the shipping cost in real time. This is the best way you can see how much shipping will cost to your exact location. You don't have to complete the checkout in order to see these costs so there are no obligations.

#2 - Customs, VAT, and other fees are nearly impossible to estimate because it varies so much. Sometimes orders go through customs without extra fees and other times you pay all the fees. If you talk to other designers who pay these fees, they will likely tell you that they don't always have to pay all of the fees on their orders. However, you *should* always plan to pay them as a worst case scenario.

#3 - We have been working on a new shipping system and we expect it to be ready in another month or two. Early testing has shown discounts of 25-30% off the current international shipping rates. (often with much faster delivery too!) So, prices should be getting better for shipping to Europe and we're excited for this. We will be announcing it on our blog and social media channels when it's available. So be sure to follow us on those different sites so that you don't miss the announcement.

I hope that information helps. In the future, this is not the appropriate forum for these kinds of questions. Cheers

Re: Shipping cost from US to Italy
User: Bigabyte
Date: 2/16/2017 9:26 am
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I apologize for posting in the wrong section of the forum.

#1 - That's exactly what I've done before posting my question, but the shipping cost it shows doesn't, in fact, cover the (potential) italian custom duties and that's why I wanted to ask someone from my country who has personally bought something from your store.

#2 - I already had the impression that there are way too many variables at play in order to estimate the custom duties and you've just confirmed that too me. I hope not to get charged with any extra fees and I that they won't exceed the 20% of the original price otherwise...

#3 - That's wonderful news! I'm not planning to make the order in the very next future since my project isn't finished yet. I'll stay tuned!

Thank you for the detailed response.