The best prototype for years
User: TheCityofKings
Date: 2/27/2017 11:00 am
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Hey everyone,

A few months ago I decided to invest heavily in printing prototypes for The City of Kings through the Game Crafter, a scary idea given the size of my game.

At first I was unsure, each copy of the game was costing $100's and the shipping to the UK was very expensive (it's a big heavy game) but I decided to go ahead.

Now the games have been off to a few reviewers and both Rahdo and Man VS Meeple have praised me on the quality of the prototype stating it's one of the best they've seen in years.

I couldn't have achieved this without the printing efforts of TGC and wanted to say I am very pleased. The custom cutting allows you to really create anything you need and the quality is excellent.

I have attached some photos of the game, and you can see more photos on BGG here. The only non TGC printed components are the character sheets.

Happy to answer any questions!

Re: The best prototype for years
User: tavis
Date: 8/10/2017 0:56 am
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Wow your photos are great! I especially like the one that shows the full game. Beautiful. We're going to feature this on our instagram and social media channels too! Very impressive design. I can see why Rahdo and MvM provided those comments. :)

Thanks for taking the time to post your honest feedback. Our team will love seeing your photos. We're thrilled you're so happy with our service. Cheers