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Are you having trouble purchasing or publishing a game? If so, use our forums. You'll get a faster response from trained staff monitoring the forums.

Trouble publishing a game?

  1. Read the publishing pages and watch the videos contained therein since most questions are answered there.
  2. Post your question to the publishing help forum to get expert advice.

Trouble buying a game?

  1. View our help page
  2. View the shop help forum and post your issue if you can't find an answer.

Have an idea or suggestion?

  1. Submit your idea to the ideas forum. TGC staff are always listening to the forums and we're always looking for ways to improve the website and please the community!

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

The Game Crafter, LLC
1360 Regent St, #146
Madison, WI 53715

Will Call Pickup Address:

The Game Crafter
2609 Seiferth Rd
Madison, WI 53716

Email Address:

Voicemail / Fax:

**Please review our website for information, as we are not able to return calls to answer questions that are answered by the information on our site, or simply to discuss our service.  We do not accept phone or fax orders; all orders must be placed through the site.**

312-264-0833  (leave a message and include your order # and username)  

NOTE: Phone support is not available for game designers who have questions about our service.   If you have questions that are not answered by the information on our site, those questions should be posted to the Publishing Support Forum. Our staff and community will answer your questions quickly!

Customers with questions about their orders should post them on the Shop Support Forum. Again, we have extremely fast response time and we will resolve your issue quickly. If it is a private issue then feel free to email us.

We will gladly return calls related to business operations and potential partnership opportunities.