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Wanted: Fellow Designer(s)
User: Inyokos
Date: 12/31/2017 4:14 am
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Hey everyone, I'm looking for 1-4 creative individuals who want to be part of a new, unique card game that I plan to see published in the not so distant future.  The name of the game is Legions TCG, and I've been working on it for a while now.  The problem is the sheer magnitude in terms of creativity required.  I can't do this by myself.  Of course, I'm not asking anyone to help out of the goodness of their heart, I will offer due compensation for your hard work and effort.  Experience in creating a TCG would be nice, but is hardly required, as this is my first TCG as well.  The link below is a description of the game, along with card descriptions, game mechanics, and turn structure.  If you would be interested in working on this project with me, please email me at  I look forward to hearing from and working with you soon!


Jeremy Janowski