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Need clay for game
User: Nut-Meg
Date: 10/3/2015 1:40 pm
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I am excited to find this place. Years ago I designed a game for my art classes (elementary age). I could never find a place that could affordably have it printed. Now that I am here, I am ready to get going on it. This site looks like it has everything I need except non drying clay. I can get modeling clay for my test run with my kids, but if I were to decide it was good enough to publish, how would I go about getting some clay that would come with the game?

Re: Need clay for game
Heather (Customer Support)
User: Heather (Customer Support)
Date: 10/5/2015 4:39 pm
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If there is a product that you'd like to see added in the future, we would welcome you to post your suggestion on our "Site Ideas" page at for consideration for future implementation.