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Printing Promo Cards?
User: Infinitas Publishing
Date: 9/20/2015 3:28 pm
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My husband and I are preparing to publish a tabletop card game with Gamecrafter, and we're planning to create a few promo pieces to give away and hopefully drum up interest in our game.

Our plan is to print sets of cards, which will allow customers to play a limited version of the game, along with printing a set of special "thank you" cards for beta testers and a few promo cards with images of the other products we offer.

We don't really need the cards to come in a game box, we just need the bulk number of cards (at the moment we're looking at around 300 cards), is there a way to just order the cards, and have them shipped in the box that the game box would be shipped in, so that it would be less expensive than ordering the special game box? (I do want to add that we were quite happy with the quality of the large retail box came out when we printed a beta copy of the game).

Alternatively, is there a list of the maximum number of cards each box can hold without pamphlets and game pieces? Then we could figure out which one would best suit our order.

Thanks! We're looking forward to getting everything printed. :-)


Re: Printing Promo Cards?
User: zovu
Date: 9/21/2015 6:57 am
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There is no way to have the cards included in your game box, unless you add the cards to the game.

With that said, you can order the cards without a box. They will be placed in a plastic baggie, wrapped in shipping paper, and then placed into the shipping box. This is true of any components you order here. You are not required to buy a box.

If you go to each box's page, the description usually states roughly how many poker cards fit in each box, if you do want to go with a box. The Large Pro Box (found in unprinted parts) would be your cheapest option since it's only $2 and should hold close to 1000 cards.

Re: Printing Promo Cards?
User: Infinitas Publishing
Date: 9/21/2015 2:09 pm
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Thanks for the information, that's everything I needed to know. :-)

Re: Printing Promo Cards?
Heather (Customer Support)
User: Heather (Customer Support)
Date: 9/22/2015 4:33 pm
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As usual, Zovu is spot on.