Cost Estimator

The estimator is a quick way to calculate how much it will cost to make your game. This is only an estimate and the actual price may vary based on the specific components in your game.

# of Cards in Game 0.00
# of Game Mats 0.00
# of Pages of Documentation 0.00
# of Regular Pawns 0.00
# of Specialty Pawns 0.00
Mini Poker Chips 0.00
Winks 0.00
# of Dice 0.00
Play Money? Yes No 0.00
Quad-Fold Game Board? Yes No 0.00
Packaging? None
Plain Game Box
Full Printed Tuck Box
Full Printed Game Box
Handling Fee 0.00
Total 0.00

What is a handling fee?

The handling fee is the cost associated with processing an order. It includes things like the transaction fees, boxing, data transmission, licensing, and more. It is basically a general purpose bucket we use to cover the costs of production beyond the direct manufacturing costs.

Will you manufacture custom game parts for me?

Not at this time. Designers are able to choose from our selection of over 875 game pieces and parts in stock. The only components we make custom are listed in our game editor documentation.

Next Step

If the costs above work out, you should download some of our templates to start designing your game components.

If you've already got your game components, upload them and then go over to My TGC to start publishing your game to the site.