File Preparation

Game designers are allowed to upload their artwork in 2 file types:

  1. PNG - The PNG format preserves colors better and yields a sharper output when compared with other formats. It is highly recommended and supported by nearly every image editing program on the planet. 
  2. JPEG - JPEG is a compressed format which actually loses some of its data as you save it. This produces artifacts on the images and makes it a bad format for print. If you decide to use JPEG, be sure to save files at the lowest compression. This will reduce artifacts and increase print quality.
Our website will only accept RGB images. CMYK images will be rejected. However, for the closest color matching, we recommend that designers develop in CMYK and then convert their files to RGB before uploading them to our site.

Next Step: Visit the templates page and download the files that you need.


DPI or dots per inch is not relevant to designing images for The Game Crafter because we give you the measurements of all of our images and templates in pixels rather than inches. However, it can be useful for design purposes. 

We print everything at 300DPI, which means there are 300 pixels in every inch. So if you need something to measure 1/4" then it would be 75 pixels. That's a good number to know because we require 1/8" for bleed and 1/8" for safe zone on our templates. Therefore if you have your important content 75 pixels (aka 1/4") from the edge of the image, then you know you're inside the safe zone.

Color Profiles

Due to human perception, light levels, monitor calibration, and all sorts of printing variations (humidity, heat, age of fuser, toner changes, etc), not to mention the difference between colors created by light and colors created by print, it is impossible to do perfect color matching from what you see on your screen to what we print. However, by using color profiles with your image editors, you'll get a little closer than you would otherwise. Download these files and use them with your image editor of choice. Each software package is different in how you assign a color profile, so consult your owner's manual for help on how to do that.