Intellectual Property Rights

We want you to know that your intellectual property is protected when you use TGC.


Can I make my own custom version of Monopoly?

You cannot use The Game Crafter service to produce your own version of Monopoly because it would be infringing upon Hasbro's rights. Instead, you can make your own custom monopoly game at

I want to make a game of my favorite TV show, movie, book, video game, etc. Can I publish that through TGC?

If you don't own the associated copyrights, trademarks, or patents, and you don't have written consent to use those products, including but not limited to images, symbols and mechanics, then you cannot use them in your game. **This is true even if you do not intend to sell your game to others.**  If you ignore this warning and create a game containing them anyway, we will delete it. If anyone claims that you are infringing upon their rights, we'll take your game offline until you have proven otherwise.

Can I make a game that contains photos/names/likenesses of my favorite celebrities?

Not unless you have express written permission to do so, from whoever is legally authorized to grant it.  

Can I make a copy of an old/out-of-print game?

No, not unless you've received express written permission from the copyright holder(s) to do so.  

Who owns the copyright to my game?

When you upload a game to The Game Crafter, you still retain all rights to the game. We do not assume your copyrights or trademarks. In fact, other than our sticker on your box, The Game Crafter is not mentioned in your game components unless you put it in there yourself.

What if I want to stop selling my game at TGC?

While we hope you don't ever want to do that, it's very easy to stop selling your game at The Game Crafter. Simply go to My TGC, and click the Manage button next to your game and then click Unpublish. It's as simple as that. Your game is no longer for sale on our site, except to you.

How do you protect my game from theft?

Seeking out and dealing with copyright, patent, or trademark violations is not something we can help you with. Seek the services of a law firm. However, we don't share the digital components (images and PDFs) of your game with anyone. The only thing we sell are physical copies of your game, and you are paid a royalty on those sales.

If I use TGC to make prototypes, can I still get my game published elsewhere?

Absolutely. We'll happily make your prototypes for you. Whether you want to sell your game in our shop, through another publisher, by self-publishing, or any combination therein is totally up to you. 

Can I make a prototype using copyrighted items?

Not unless you've contacted the copyright holder and received express written permission to use those items in your prototype.