Selling Your Game

How do royalties work?

You set the retail price of your game (applied when the game is sold to others through our site). The price minus the cost to manufacture equals the profit. So if your game costs $8.00 to make, and you set the price at $15.00 then the profit per game will be $7.00.

price - cost = profit
$15 - $8 = $7

The profit is split between you and The Game Crafter (70% for you and 30% for TGC).

(price - cost)*0.7 = 70/30
($15 - $8) * 0.7 = $4.90 for you ($2.10 for TGC)

Then all the sales of your game are tallied up at the end of 30 days and you get a royalty payment. The payment can be sent to you electronically via PayPal or you can choose to receive it as shop credit. So if you sold 10 copies of this game, your royalty payment would be $49.00.

((price - cost)*.0.7) * volume = royalty
(($15 - $8) * 0.7 ) * 10 = $49.00

*Please note that we will hold the payment for 30 days, in case there is a refund or issue with the order.  

When do I get paid?

You'll receive payment approximately 30 days after your sale. We pay out every Monday, but you won't receive payment for your sales until at least 30 days after the original sale. We hold back payment in case the customer cancels their order.

Why does TGC get 30% of the profit?

In the adventure/board game industry it is standard that the distributor of a game takes 30% of the game's sale price, and the retailer takes 40% of its price. That leaves the original game designer with only 30% left for profit.

By those numbers alone we've already beat the amount of profit you'd get in the industry. However, in the industry you must still get your game manufactured and market it out of your 30%.

In addition, if you were to go to India or China you'd have to purchase 2,000 to 5,000 copies of your game at minimum. And then you'd have to store those copies somewhere until you can sell them, if you can sell them. When you sell at The Game Crafter, you have neither of these risks.

At The Game Crafter, we take care of manufacturing, sales, and distribution and so we're able to give you a bigger piece of the pie. That's why we think a 70/30 split on the profit is fair.

Where can I see my sales?

You can view your sales statistics in the My Sales tab in the Publish section of website.