Once you decide on the components in your game, you'll be ready to download our templates. We provide a variety of blank templates to make the design process quick and easy.

The templates display trim lines, bleed areas and other guides so game designers know exactly where to place artwork and content. Templates are available in several file types and are edited with image editing software. When finished, the designer must export the file as a PNG or JPG so it can be uploaded to TGC.

Our website will only accept RGB images. CMYK images will be rejected. However, for the closest color matching, we recommend that designers develop in CMYK and then convert their files to RGB before uploading them to our site.


Template Proportions

We print at 300 dots/pixels per inch. Which means that if you are designing an image that is 3 inches wide, then it will be 900 pixels wide.

Our cut lines are 1/8" from the edge of the image for square items like cards, which means that they are 37 pixels (300 x 1/8 = 37.5) from the edge.

Likewise, the safe zone on such images is 1/4" from the edge, or 75 pixels (300 x 1/4 = 75) from the edge.


Keep The Content Safe

Watch the video below to learn about our templates and the proper way to insert artwork.

Dealing with Drift

Watch the video below to learn what drift is, how it can make your game look bad, and how you can design your game to mitigate its effects.