Medium Booklet

Medium Booklets are 3.5" x 5" and are printed four pages to a sheet, for a maximum of 20 pages. You'll upload images that are 3.75" x 5.25" to allow the color to bleed off each page. The image you upload must be 1125x1575 pixels.

These booklets are compatible with our small, medium, and large pro boxes, as well as our medium game boxes.  (A 20-page booklet takes up the space of 4 cards in a box.)

NOTE: Due to the nature of saddle stitching, you must design your  booklet in sets of 4 pages.  Please be sure to indicate (in the "Page Number" field) the order that the pages should appear in your booklet.  


Each page must be uploaded as a separate full bleed image. We've provided templates for you in a variety of image formats:

Publisher Template

Though each page must be uploaded as individual images, that doesn't mean you must design them as individual images. There are some publishing programs such as Scribus and Adobe InDesign that allow you to design documents and then export each page as a JPG or PNG file.